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Bo Hatchett grew up in Demorest, Georgia where he played quarterback at Habersham Central. He earned his undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech and his law degree from the University of Georgia.

Bo knew when he left for college he would return to start his family in the community that raised him on the conservative principles and beliefs that make our nation great. He believes our district deserves a homegrown Republican who will protect our values in Atlanta. He is pro-life, a proud gun owner and supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and a firm believer in limited government and stopping government overreach.

Bo and his wife, Ashley, are proud parents of their three children Hallie, Hazel, and Heidi. In his spare time, Bo enjoys time with his family and going hunting. 

Bo has represented Georgia's 50th Senate District since 2021. He serves on five committees including Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, Ethics, Government Oversight, Health and Human Services, and the Judiciary Committee. 

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